The Ginseng is one of the annual projects of Garrett County Arts Council. It is a way of showcasing the works of Garrett County’s writers alongside the images captured by local photographers. The publication includes poems, short stories, play scripts and nonfiction. Each year, writers submit their work with a nonrefundable entry charge to GCAC. The Literary Board will then read and discuss each written piece to determine which ones will be published. The board then determines which works would go well with a visual image, and put out a call to Gallery Shop juried artists for desired images. Once everything is finalized, the Ginseng is sent to the printers. After that, the public can visit GCAC for their free copy.

The Gallery Shop
Due to a devastating waterline break that occurred on August, 27 2015, Garrett County Arts Council was forced to close The Gallery Shop down after being in operation for fifteen years. The GCAC Board of Directors is currently deciding what will come next for the shop’s future.

During the fifteen years of operation, Garrett County Arts Council juried in and accepted the works of 357 local artists. More than half of these artists’ works were showcased on a daily basis prior to closing.

Heritage Craft Festival
During the second weekend in October, Garrett County hosts its infamous Autumn Glory Festival which attracts thousands of people to the area to celebrate the beautiful and joyous season. For the past 37 years, Garrett County Arts Council has held their annual, two-day Heritage Craft Festival which showcases over  65 craft and fine art vendors each year. The event is usually held at Broad Ford Elementary School and Southern Middle School during the Autumn Glory Festival.

All items being sold are completely handmade including; homemade food, jewelry, pottery, fiber arts, photography, recycled art, wood products, drawings, paintings, paper crafts and much more. GCAC also holds a quilt raffle during the event, announcing the winner at the end of the second day. If you are interested in becoming a vendor for this event, please contact us for more information.

Artist Studio Tour
Normally during the last weekend in July, Garrett County Arts Council holds its annual Artist Studio Tour. Several artists from all over the county open their studios for two days, allowing visitors to tour their workspaces and buy their artwork. GCAC creates a brochure with a map routed out to lead visitors to every participating artist’s studio. We provide each artist with bright, yellow signs to help lead guests to them as well. Some artists who possess their own studio open their doors to other artists so that they too can participate in the event. If you are interested in being on our studio tour, please contact us for more information.

Blooming Art
Prior to The Gallery Shop’s closing, Garrett County Arts Council teamed up with Mountain Laurel Garden Club for the annual Blooming Art show. Members of the garden club came to The Gallery Shop and chose a 2D artwork being exhibited at the time. Being inspired by that artwork, the garden club member creates a floral design to pair with the piece. The arrangement would then be brought to the shop and displayed with the artwork for the weekend long event, including a reception for the show.