Play Music On the Porch Day is coming to Oakland’s Arts & Entertainment District!

Play Music On The Porch Day knows that music is powerful and universal. It doesn’t matter if you play an Oud, a Guitarrón, a Nyckelharpa, or a Guitar. When you pick up your instrument and start to play the world disappears and you get lost in the sounds.

Musicians from across the globe, regardless of their differences, are finding common ground through music.  Music goes beyond words. It can transcend the most difficult barriers. It ties us together like a thread through our hearts. Our skin is many colors but music is in our blood, our bones and our soul.

In the Oakland A&E District we are embracing the idea of bringing the joy of Play Music on the Porch Day to Garrett County.  Join us on August 31, 2024 on porches across the district as we share food, drink, music, and song.  Starting around noon on Saturday, we begin at a designated porch, and throughout the day transition to corresponding porches culminating toward a A&E fundraising concert at The Front Page Stage.  Stay tuned as details emerge about this exciting District event.

Call for Art: Special Exhibit in the $MART Art Space

Artists and music enthusiasts alike!

The Garrett County Arts Council is excited to announce an upcoming special exhibit showcase to partner with the Oakland A&E District’s Play Music On the Porch Day.  This showcase will celebrate the profound relationship between music and visual art, inviting artists to interpret melodies, rhythms, and harmonies through their creative lenses.

We are seeking submissions for a Special Exhibit in the $MART ART Space that will be up during the A&E’s Play Music on the Porch celebration.  We are looking for works that capture the essence of music in all its forms – from classical symphonies to modern beats, from jazz improvisations to folk melodies. Whether you’re inspired by the lyricism of a ballad, the energy of a live performance, or the soul-stirring power of a musical composition, we invite you to translate those auditory experiences into captivating visual expressions.  Your artwork could explore the emotional resonance of music, the cultural significance of musical traditions, the transformative power of sound, or any other aspect of the musical experience that speaks to you.


Eligible Artists are members of the Garrett County Arts Council with an up to date 2024 Membership or Garrett County Public School Students.


This exhibit is entirely a wall display featuring 2D art only.
Sculptural artists are encouraged to submit photography of their works if it cannot be adapted to the hanging system.  Literary works such as framed poetry or lyrics will also be accepted.

Works submitted should be able to be displayed on the wall on our hanging system.
This means they must have a wire, and cannot weigh more than 20 lbs.  Works must be no larger than 24 inches on the longest side.

Submitted works must follow all current guidelines for display at The Gallery Shop.
Artwork must be created by the submitting artist.  Works may not contain overt religious, political, or branded logos or content.  Copyrighted material is not accepted unless the artist is the owner of the copyright.  Works from kits or AI generated content is not accepted.  Unfinished or still drying works will not be accepted.  Works that may pose a danger (example: sharp edges, splintering frames, frayed wires, flaking paint, dust & debris, etc) to staff or patrons will also not be accepted.

How many works can you submit?
Artists may submit two works for free, and pay $5 per additional submission for up to 4 total submissions to this juried Special Exhibit.  Submission fees are waived for GCPS student artists. 

This is a Juried Special Exhibit.
This is a juried exhibit and artists submit work with the understanding that paying to submit additional entries does not guarantee their works will be selected.

Artists will be notified if their works are chosen and instructed upon drop off.  By submitting an entry, the artist acknowledges they are responsible for dropping off works by the Drop Off Deadline (no later than 7/18/24) and picking up unsold works by the Return Deadline (not later than 9/14/24).


6/17/24: Submission Deadline for Special Exhibit.

6/24/24 – 7/5/24: Artists with selected works will be notified.

7/12/24 – 7/18/24: Drop Off DeadlineWorks that have been selected for the exhibit will be dropped off at The Gallery Shop between the hours of 11am-4pm.

7/26/24: Exhibit opens to the public.

7/27/24 – 7/28/24: Exhibit will be on display during Artist Studio Tour Weekend at The Gallery Shop.

8/31/24: Exhibit will be featured as part of Oakland A&E District’s Play Music On the Porch Event.

9/7/24 – 9/14/24: Return Deadline – Exhibit will be taken down and artists will pick up their works between the hours of 11am – 4pm.

Sale of Work

Submitted works for this exhibit do not need to be listed for sale.  Works that are available for sale will follow all current guidelines for The Gallery Shop.  Artists will receive 70% of the listed retail price, and checks will be issued in October after the conclusion of the exhibit.

Artwork in this exhibit will not be removed from the wall between exhibit opening & Play Music On the Porch Event.  Parties interested in purchasing artwork will be asked to pick it up between 9/1/24 – 9/14/24.  Works will be marked “sold” but left on the wall as part of the exhibit until exhibit close.