Ginseng is our literary publication showcasing the work of local, Garrett County authors. The publication includes poems, short stories, play scripts and nonfiction. Each year, writers submit their work with a non-refundable entry fee to the GCAC Literary Committee. For more information about Ginseng, please email us at

In addition to our Ginseng publication, the Garrett County Arts Council also hosts “Page-to-Stage” for our creative writers and the community. Page-to-Stage is a celebration of our local talent where the selected Ginseng authors are invited to read their original work to a live audience.

Ginseng 2019-2020 Publication

The Garrett County Arts Council has announced the online publication of its most recent issue of the arts organization’s literary journal Ginseng. A project of the GCAC’s Literary Committee, the publication includes poems and stories written by local authors.

“We are very pleased to be able to launch this collection,” said Kathy Beachler, executive director of the Garrett County Arts Council. “As has become tradition, this literary compilation features a wide range of writing styles and genres, and gives voice to one of our valued arts communities: our creative writers.”

The journal is being released in its entirety online. Because of the current COVID-19 situation, the hard-copy printing of the book is being delayed. But it will be published as soon as such operations can begin again, Beachler said. It will be available at The Gallery Shop in Oakland when regular hours can be reestablished.

The GCAC has been publishing a literary journal for more than two decades. The Literary Committee gathers submissions from GCAC members, and a jurying process begins. The committee works together for an extended time evaluating submissions, the writers of which are kept anonymous during this judging period.
“It’s always a challenge to choose the best,” said committee member Sue Lisantti. “But we take it very seriously, and we work hard to be fair and to produce a quality collection of writings.”

The writing of the following authors is included in this edition of Ginseng: Ralph Edward Blitz, Tom Dabney, Clay Frazee, Rose Gordy, David Moran, Bob Newman, Mercedes Pellet, Samantha Roller, Len Shindel, Jack Spencer, and Lori Stoll. Readings of some of the journal’s entries are being posted to Facebook currently, which can be found at

Those contributing to the Garrett County Arts Council specifically for the publication of Ginseng were Mosser Meadows Nurseries and Grand Central, Inc.

“We greatly appreciate the contributions of our donors, as always,” Beachler said. The GCAC publishes the journal without charging for copies. Donations are used to cover printing costs. Persons may also help to fund the publication by becoming members of the GCAC at a nominal annual fee. Information on becoming a member can be found on the GCAC website, located at

Members of the 2019-2020 Literary Committee are Jack DuBose, Melodee Hill, Sue Lisantti, Mikal McCartney, Mary McEwen, and Mikey Virts. The book was designed by M. Kendall Ludwig and Travis Huffman of CurlyRed Inc. The photography used in the publication is by William Hentosh, Hentosh Photography.