Artist Studio Tour 2023

The Garrett County Arts Council showcases our county artists’ working studios annually with our Artist Studio Tour. Residents and tourists are encouraged to travel the scenic byways of Garrett County to meet our local artists, learn about their creative inspiration, technical processes, and the tools and materials they use to make their unique handcrafted work.

The 2023 Artist Studio Tour will take place Saturday, July 22 and Sunday, July 23, 2023 from 11am – 5pm each day.  If you have any questions, please contact us at or (301)-334-6580.

Grants Mercantile (A)

The Gallery Shop at Grant’s Mercantile
A collection of work by local artists will be available for sale through the Garrett County Arts Council and the Grantsville Arts & Entertainment District.

146 Casselman Rd, Grantsville, MD 21536

Allegany Area Arts Alliance (B)

The 4A’s is a long time organization of local/regional artists. Various members will be demonstrating. Watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, fiber arts(tatting, knitting, crochet), quilting, paper craft and more

Hochstetler House, Spruce Forest Artisan Village
177 Casselman Road, Grantsville, MD 21536

Susan S. Johnston (C)

“My watercolor paintings explore both traditional and contemporary themes. Most recently I have a renewed interest in botanical art and how illustration and painting can teach the value of diversity in our forests and fields.”

839 Mill Run Rd, Friendsville, Md, 21531

Equidel Art (D)

Robert Caron

“I endeavor only in oil paintings on stretched canvas of all sizes using the highest quality pigments. I particularly like to create outdoor nature scenes with a sense of atmospheric depth offering a feeling of something beautifully ephemeral.”

31 Greenwood Ridge Road, Accident, MD 21520

Alexander Hunter

(watercolor & oils)

Dennis Holcomb

(Painting, Photography, & Quilts)

“My major theme and what I am trying to express is the love I feel when contemplating nature in all its myriad forms. For me the color represents the emotion so I am very focused on the color.”

31 Greenwood Ridge Road, Accident, MD 21520

The Loft Shop (E)

Sue Arnson

watercolor, monoprint off gelatin plate, alcohol ink painting

“Showing folks how art is made, therefore creating appreciation of the arts is especially fun for this retired teacher.”

9415 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

Bobby Croft


“My work primarily focuses on functional ceramic wares for everyday use. I work with high-fire stoneware.”

Wirestorm Creations / Connie Pardini

(jewelry & metalwork)

“Inspiration comes from the outdoors: trees, branches, mushrooms, plants & weeds, animals; and simple geometric shapes that occur in most everything if you take the time to SEE. I love what I do, I can’t imagine NOT creating.”

9415 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

First Light Photography (F)

Sam Housley

(Local Landscape & Macro Photography)

8981 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

ABPH Art (G)

Annie Simcoe

(Mixed Media Paper Art)

“My work is a combination of collage and quilting. I layer papers I make from plants I grow or gather, and “draw” on them with needle and thread to create images. A large portion of my work is inspired by life in the Allegheny mountains.”

6438 Rock Lodge Rd, Accident, MD 21520

Meadowbrook Arts / Macee Knecht

(Metal Jewelry)

Macee Knecht creates sculptural metal jewelry utilizing primarily forging and metalsmithing techniques. A lot of her inspiration is from nature (i.e. twigs, fungus, pods, insects) or old industrial objects.

Dani Starre Studios / Danielle Luscombe

(Sustainable Textiles & Home Decor)

“My work aims to reduce waste and minimize its impact on the environment by using materials that are either repurposed or sourced from sustainable sources.” 

6438 Rock Lodge Rd, Accident, MD 21520

Snowbird Creations Glass Studio (H)

Julie Turrentine

(Glass Jewelry, Glass Birds, Designer Tableware & Sculpture)

“I developed my own “pate de verre” technique, which I will be demonstrating. I use this technique for all of my glass birds, and I have also done entire glass paintings using this technique.”

398 Snowbird Ln, Swanton, MD 21561

Robert Yonke Art (I)

(Watercolor & Mixed Media Painting)

“His subject matter has evolved over the years, always reflecting important places and pursuits in his life. Scenes of Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake have been a consistent theme in his work throughout the years. “

2355 Turkey Neck Road, Swanton, MD 21561

Clark W. Day Photo-Graphics (J)

(Local Photography)

“I am a photographer who specializes in birds and nature. I shoot portraits and events commercially.”

15 Hines Drive, Swanton, MD 21561

Lisa Sheirer Art & Design

(Ink Painting, Printmaking, & Photography)

“Inspiration comes from hiking and walking in the surrounding woods. Looking at the landscapes & plantscapes of Western Maryland — the scenery is imprinted upon my memory — the paintings are executed from these memories.”

15 Hines Drive, Swanton, MD 21561

Four Storm Artists Gallery (K)

Four Storm Gallery showcases work of many local artists and artisans including handmade jewelry, photography, and restored cast iron.

2107 Swallow Falls Road, Oakland, MD 21550

Hawk’s Flight Studio
Caroline Blizzard


Caroline is a recently retired Maryland Park Ranger. Nature and landscape photography have been part of her life for 20 years. She is an avid birder and naturalist and enjoys capturing moments in nature that tell a story or capture a moment in time. 

Ruddy Duck Studio
Neal Blizzard


“My primary focus is photographing anything in nature. But I will venture into man made if something catches my eye.”

2107 Swallow Falls Road, Oakland, MD 21550

Sue Caldwell (L)

(Painted Paper Collage & Coil Baskets)

“Sue’s love of nature leads her to create landscapes and river vistas from Swallow Falls and the Deep Creek area. Collaging has been an excellent way to combine her love of color and texture, and exaggerate the play of light on trees and water.”

2229 Swallow Falls Road, Oakland, MD 21550

Quilts & More (M)

Joan Chaney

(Miniature quilts in frames. Quilted wallhangings)

Barb’s Baubles / Barb Omholt


I make one of a kind jewelry designs made from natural stones, fresh water pearls, and swarovski crystals.

315 North Ridge Road, McHenry, MD 21541

Hentosh Photography / Bill Hentosh

(Landscape & Nature Photography)

William (Bill) Hentosh has continued his photography passion in the rural atmosphere of the county and the wonders that Deep Creek Lake and the state parks have to offer.

Deep Creek Pottery / Ron & Lorie Skidmore


“Ron & Lorie produce finely handcrafted stoneware that is primarily functional and is created through wheel thrown and hand built techniques.” 

315 North Ridge Road, McHenry, MD 21541

Tumbled & Tossed (N)

Donna Midcap

(Sea Glass Jewelry & Artworks)

“My friends and family enjoy kayaking on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to find genuine sea glass. Finding sea glass is exciting. When I find that perfect piece, I am inspired to create something unique!”

64 College Heights Ct., McHenry, Maryland, 21541

The Gallery Shop & $MART ART Spaces (O)

A project of the Garrett County Arts Council

The Gallery Shop is located in the heart of the Oakland
Arts & Entertainment District and features the work of over 100+ local artists & artisans.

Renee Keil

(Oil, Watercolor, and Pastel)

“Painting for me is a creative process that engages my interaction with the world that I see.” 

108 S. 2nd Street, Oakland, MD 21550

Rachel & Bud Precht Art (P)

Rachel Precht

(Scented Soy Candles, Digital Illustration Prints & Cards, Embroidery & Macrame.)

“Primarily I am an illustrator, I have my MFA in Studio Art in Printmaking & Drawing but since graduating I’ve moved to painting digitally on a graphics tablet or my ipad.  I started making candles during quarantine and have been focusing on using recycled vessels and American grown soy bean wax.”

411 Roanoke Avenue, Loch Lynn Heights, MD 21550

Bud Precht

(Recycled PVC Bird Sculpture & Stained Glass)

“After 31 years as a university professor I am exploring a long term interest in using stained glass to explore the interplay of light and color. I am a bit of a traditionalist at heart but like to investigate how to incorporate new techniques with more classical designs.”

411 Roanoke Avenue, Loch Lynn Heights, MD 21550