Artist Studio Tour 2024

JULY 27 – JULY 28

The Garrett County Arts Council showcases our county artists’ working studios annually with our Artist Studio Tour. Residents and tourists are encouraged to travel the scenic byways of Garrett County to meet our local artists, learn about their creative inspiration, technical processes, and the tools and materials they use to make their unique handcrafted work.

The 2024 Artist Studio Tour will take place Saturday, July 27 and Sunday, July 28, 2024 from 11am – 5pm each day.

 Artist Studio Tour video productions were funded by a USDA Rural Business Development Grant. 

Grants Mercantile (A)

The Gallery Shop at Grant’s Mercantile
A collection of work by local artists will be available for sale through the Garrett County Arts Council and the Grantsville Arts & Entertainment District.

146 Casselman Rd, Grantsville, MD 21536

Bud Precht

(Stained Glass)

Dr. Precht was a college professor for 31 years and taught mapping, conservation, physical geography, and Earth and environmental science. He conducted and published research on the spatial patterning of plants and animals.
His interest in 3-D art and up-cycling dates to his childhood building things from materials on-hand.  He has always been fascinated by the interplay of light between interior and exterior spaces, which grew into his practice in stained glass.

The Gallery Shop, Too at Grant’s Mercantile
146 Casselman Rd, Grantsville, MD 21536

Susan S. Johnston (B)

“My watercolor paintings explore both traditional and contemporary themes. Most recently I have a renewed interest in botanical art and how illustration and painting can teach the value of diversity in our forests and fields.”

839 Mill Run Rd, Friendsville, Md, 21531

Waste-Not-Want-Not Woodworking (C)

Brian Ramsey

“I have been working with wood since I was a preteen. After eight years in the USAF, and over 30 years of government service, I have had the opportunity to pursue my dream of woodworking as a profession. 


“I have built a wide variety of things, tables, chairs, guitars, thumbpianos, cajons, cutting boards, to french doors. I enjoy woodturning because I am bringing and discovering something inside the wood for others to see.”

102 N. Main St., Accident, Maryland 21520

Equidel Art (D)

Robert Caron

Drawing and painting are very therapeutic for me.”


“Some of my paintings are from direct observation, particularly still life paintings, but most are from photographs. I choose subjects for which I am personally inspired.”


“I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. While a student, I used to draw all night. I only started painting with oil in 2014.”

31 Greenwood Ridge Road, Accident, MD 21520

The Loft Shop (E)

.Sue Arnson

Sue is attracted to the local landscape and flowers in her work. She occasionally ventures to the abstract. She began as a watercolor painter and has expanded over the years.  She is currently exploring alcohol ink as an art form.


“Showing folks how art is made, therefore creating appreciation of the arts is especially fun for this retired teacher.”

9415 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

Bobby Croft


In his personal work as a ceramic artist, Bobby enjoys creating functional work that can be used every day. Bobbys work is rooted in traditional ceramics with bright pops of color in the glazing. His work has been shown in various galleries and shows regionally. Bobby is continuously experimenting and studying to improve his craft with hopes of opening his own studio and creating a body of work for future exhibitions. 

Reid Cross

(Wood Carving)

Reed lives in Accident and is a carpenter by trade and an artist in his free time. Reed is also an avid fisherman and attentive neighbor.  He creates meticulously hand carved specialty wood pieces to bring a touch of nature into your home. He specializes in woods such as Peach and Cherry as well as spalted wood.

9415 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

Evitts Creek Arts / Lois McManus

(Silversmithing Artisan Jewelry)

Working with metals has always been a dream of mine, and I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and designs to push the boundaries of traditional silversmithing. I love the process of transforming raw materials into wearable works of art, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my creations with others.

9415 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

First Light Photography (F)

Sam Housley

(Local Landscape & Macro Photography)

Brenneman’s Grove will also be hosting additional independent artists & vendors during Artist Studio Tour.  

Sunny Spot Watercolors
Honeymoon Farms
Deep Creek Woods
Wild Indigo Wares
Meadow Mountain Hemp

Brenneman’s Grove
8981 Rock Lodge Road, Accident, MD 21520

ABPH Art (G)

Annie Simcoe

(Mixed Media Paper Art)

Annie Simcoe is a mixed media paper artist living and working in the mountains of Garrett County, Maryland. Annie creates one-of-a-kind papers by hand using materials she grows or gathers. Drawing inspiration from life in the Allegheny Mountains, life events, and her travels, she then uses these papers for her quilted collages which are layers of paper drawn on with needle and thread. 

6438 Rock Lodge Rd, Accident, MD 21520

Meadowbrook Arts / Macee Knecht

(Metal Jewelry)

Macee Knecht creates sculptural metal jewelry utilizing primarily forging and metalsmithing techniques. A lot of her inspiration is from nature (i.e. twigs, fungus, pods, insects) or old industrial objects.

Claymonster Pottery / Cat Audette Holt & Rich Holt

(Whimsical Monster Themed Pottery)

Stylistically, Cat likes to infuse her monsters with whimsy derived from animal features and tactile textures. Rich draws inspiration from writers and illustrators such as Brian Fraud and Tim Burton which lends a more monstrous nature to his creations.

6438 Rock Lodge Rd, Accident, MD 21520

Quilts & More (H)

Joan Chaney

(Miniature quilts in frames. Quilted wall-hangings)

Joan has lived in McHenry for 35 years and has been quilting for 30 years. She started out very traditional, making queen-sized quilts by hand quilting!  As she became established as a talented quilter, she began attending arts and craft shows with miniature quilts in frames as well as quilted pieces for wall decoration. 


Joan will be a guest artist at Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantsville’s Arts & Entertainment District from May-August 2024.

315 North Ridge Road, McHenry, MD 21541

Hentosh Photography / Bill Hentosh

(Landscape & Nature Photography)

William (Bill) Hentosh has continued his photography passion in the rural atmosphere of the county and the wonders that Deep Creek Lake and the state parks have to offer.

Barb’s Baubles / Barb Omholt


I make one of a kind jewelry designs made from natural stones, fresh water pearls, and swarovski crystals.

315 North Ridge Road, McHenry, MD 21541

Clark's Gemworks (I)

Ron & Nick Clark

(Lapidary Artist Duo, Silversmithing, & Gem Faceting)

“Clark’s Gemworks is family duo of rockhounds (Ron and Nick Clark) who lived in Montana for almost 10 years collecting rocks and gems from around the northwest. We are currently back east in Maryland and we still collect when we can. Any piece we have will designate where we found it, if we found it.” 

1166 Mosser Road , McHenry, Maryland 21541 

Tumbled & Tossed (J)

Donna Midcap

(Sea Glass Jewelry & Artworks)


“My friends and family enjoy kayaking on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to find genuine sea glass. Finding sea glass is exciting. When I find that perfect piece, I am inspired to create something unique!”


“I also enjoy combining sea glass and recycled jewelry. This technique has inspired me to create many framed pieces including turtles, mermaids, sea horses, and the famous Maryland Blue Crab . Finding the perfect piece of sea glass inspires me to create something unique. Who knows what’s next! 

64 College Heights Ct., McHenry, Maryland, 21541

Deep Creek Pottery (K)

Lorie & Ron Skidmore


We offer handmade pottery both functional and decorative pottery. We own and operate a shop/studio in McHenry, Maryland. We offer pottery classes, mosaic tile creations, canvas painting and pottery painting as well as handmade goods.” 

The Fort
1550 Deep Creek Drive, Suites C & D, McHenry, Maryland 21541

Wirestorm Creations
Connie Pardini

(Jewelry & Metalwork)

“Sterling silver and copper are my favorite mediums, along with other metals/”found objects” such as vintage flatware, horseshoe nails, hardware, coins. I also like to add in natural elements such as pebbles and driftwood, creating one body of work with a rustic, whimsical, nature-influenced theme.”

Crimson Shamrock Fibers
Lori Wall & David Moran

(Fiber Arts & Marbling)

Crimson Shamrock creates Handwoven, Crocheted, Braided, and Marbled functional and fashionable designs that are Engineered for Living. From our signature Handwoven Twill Triangle Scarf and Pin sets to our Crocheted Moss Stitch Treasure Baskets, each item is individually handcrafted, making it one of a kind. 

The Fort
1550 Deep Creek Drive, Suites C & D, McHenry, Maryland 21541

Hawk's Flight Studio (L)

Caroline Blizzard


Caroline is a recently retired Maryland Park Ranger. Nature and landscape photography have been part of her life for 20 years. She is an avid birder and naturalist and enjoys capturing moments in nature that tell a story or capture a moment in time. 

Four Storm Artists Gallery
2107 Swallow Falls Road, Oakland, MD 21550

Flowers & Flies
Rhiannon Dodge

(Pressed Flowers)

“My work is inspired by the desire to capture the ephemeral beauty of spring and summer in Garrett County. I press both wildflowers from Garrett County and flowers grown from seed in my garden to create collages of color that can be enjoyed year round.”

Ruddy Duck Studio
Neal Blizzard


Being retired allows me to spend a lot of time wherever the outdoors takes me, be it swamp, woods, stream, or other outside venues. I am able to watch and wait to capture the perfect image at the perfect time.

2107 Swallow Falls Road, Oakland, MD 21550

Snowbird Creations Glass Studio (M)

Julie Turrentine

(Fused Glass)


Join Julie’s friends & family in celebrating her remarkable life and inspiring artistic career.


Do not miss your chance to own one of her unique fused glass birds, lamps, tableware, dichoic glass jewelry or fused glass sculptures.

398 Snowbird Ln, Swanton, MD 21561

Robert Yonke Art (N)

(Watercolor & Mixed Media Painting)

“His subject matter has evolved over the years, always reflecting important places and pursuits in his life. Scenes of Garrett County and Deep Creek Lake have been a consistent theme in his work throughout the years. “

2355 Turkey Neck Road, Swanton, MD 21561

Alpine Lake Lodge

Icon Apprentice
Nancy Ensor

(Acrylic & Watercolor)

“I use acrylic and watercolor paints to create art ranging from landscapes, nature, pet portraits, abstract images and religious art work called Iconography. I am also an amateur photographer and love nature as my primary subject.”

Alpine Lake Lodge
700 W. Alpine Lake Drive, Terra Alta, WV 26764

Debbie Michael

(Oil paints, acrylics, polymer clay)

“As a lifelong artist, I have painted on walls, furniture, and clothes as well as canvases and panels. I have participated in the National Christmas Show and the Maryland Christmas Show exhibiting and selling my one-of-a-kind sculptures. As an encouraging word to other artists–I failed my sculpture class in college.”

Barbara Gall


The members of Sew Together meet weekly to work on individual and collaborative projects. We are quilters, both hand and machine as well as embroiders. We not only produce quilts but quilted bags, clothing and home decor items.

Alpine Lake Lodge
700 W. Alpine Lake Drive, Terra Alta, WV 26764

Ron Miller

(Nature Photography)

Born and raised in the Ozarks in Missouri. Spent 32 years working for the National Park Service at various parks from Alaska to our national capital. Avid outdoors man. Enjoying retirement and Alpine Lake by capturing photos of local wildlife.

Alpine Lake Lodge
700 W. Alpine Lake Drive, Terra Alta, WV 26764

The Gallery Shop & $MART ART Spaces (O)

A project of the Garrett County Arts Council

The Gallery Shop is located in the heart of the Oakland
Arts & Entertainment District and features the work of over 100+ local artists & artisans.


Get your Garrett Arts Passport Book & Artist Studio Tour Stamp here! 


Any participating artist’s signature, stamp, or doodle will also count as having your “Studio Tour Stamp”.


Fill your passport booklet by September and show us to get a Garrett Arts Passport 2023-2024 embroidered patch designed by local artist Emily Elmlinger.

A Special Exhibit in the $MART ART Space of artwork all inspired by music opens Artist Studio Tour weekend!

108 S. 2nd Street, Oakland, MD 21550