Endowment Fund

The Garrett County Arts Council maintains an Endowment Fund for Community Arts Development.

We established this fund in 1998 “to aid, encourage, advance, and coordinate activities dedicated to the promotion of cultural arts in Garrett County and to integrate such activities into the life of the community.”

Except as authorized by three-quarters consent of the full Garrett County Arts Council Board of Directors, use of the fund’s principal is restricted to the generation of fund interest and/or dividends. Fund proceeds are designated to address the concerns and challenges of Garrett County’s nonprofit arts community.

The fund currently has principal assets of $23,897.

Every dollar contributed to the Endowment Fund returns to the community with interest!

Because the Garrett County Arts Council operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under IRS code, contributions to the fund are tax deductible.

Our Endowment Fund for Community Arts Development anticipates future needs. Please consider making a contribution to this special fund with the assurance that your gift will provide returns to the cultural life of our community for many years to come. Contact Us for additional information.